Luxury Interior Design Jhajhra-Dehradun


We got a chance to work for Mrs. Poornima Mishra while she was looking forward to revamp Interior of her beautiful 3bhk Apartment Located in JHAJHRA.

Mrs. Poornima Mishra is a wonderful and free-spirited lady who wanted her interior to be subtle. She wanted her interior to have a warm feel – a little bit golden, with pure teak wood and neutral shades. Located  in Jhajra, Mrs. Poornima Mishra and her husband    Mr. Shreekanth Mishra lives on the first floor of an apartment building in Dehradun. Here are some of the aspects of their charming apartment that we absolutely adore. So let’s get started with the LIVING ROOM! shall we?


The Living Room in whites and neutrals is accentuated by Warm Wood tones.

Mrs. Mishra was looking for something not to colossal for her living room. Her living area was given a cozy look with warm hues to maintain the tender aura through her living area. Mrs. Mishra’s Wooden Toned Interior  design has a different, positive effect in each and every room of the apartment.


” The Metallic Finish Wallpaper used on the Accent wall makes the living room aesthetically appealing. Cove Panels adds to the beauty of the wall.

The accent wall doesn’t always have to be  outrageous to make an impact for the perfect interior. As you can see we have maintained the eye fullness of the interior with help of classy metallic finish  wall paper embraced by Teak Wood Cove Panels


The Buddha Painting with focused light on the wall gives a feeling of bliss & positivity.

Lord Buddha’s Paintings are always considered to be a symbol of peace . According to Vastu Experts, keeping a painting of Lord Buddha in living room increases the flow of Chi resulting in  prosperity and positivity.


“The Low Seating made up of pure teak wood with Heavy Density Cushioning gives a feeling of comfort and Relaxation”

We always believe in making the Comfiest Seating for our clients. After all comfort is a blessing, isn’t it? Mrs. Mishra seating is the perfect example of beauty with comfort. Classic low toned Customized Sofa with vibrant cushions is just what she was looking for.  The Decorative Cushions and Glass Panels on either sides makes it multi functional as well.


The Royale Emulsion Paint provides a luxurious finish to the walls.”

We added luxurious touch to the apartment’s appearance with Royale Luxury Emulsion Paints. Emulsion paints are acrylic based hence provides you with matte smooth walls giving a plush finish.


“The Pure Teak Wood Center Table with 8mm glass on top”

Mrs. Mishra’s got her Center Table Customized according to her preference. The furniture is itself an intricate design which compliments the linearity of the interior.


Wooden Bordered Ceiling adds a elegance to the room.”

False Ceiling of Mrs. Mishra’s living room is a luxuriant element which brings entire area to life. Installing a  Wooden Ceiling is always considered to be advantageous due to it’s wide variety of finishes.


The Nest of Tables are made up of teak wood with 8mm Glass Top and wheels for easy motility.”

Multipurpose Nest of Tables is a must have showpiece in your house. This three layered customized element can be used as separate tables if required. Perfect example of Space Utilization with elegance.


“Dining Area is heart of the house because as they say – The fondest memories are made when gathered around the table. “

Dining Area is very important in modern world, where technology is non-existent and family catch up on each other and make memories. Here is a little sneak peak at what Mrs. Mishra’s dining area looked like when. AD INTERIO was done with their magic. 


The Decorative Mirror Glass with teak border brightens up the space.”

According to Feng-Shui mirror placement, placing the mirror in dining area increases your ability to hold wealth. Not only this, placing a mirror in dining area symbolizes abundance of wealth flow.


” This spontaneous Teak Wood Door with glass panel has a gold metallic border on it.”

Elegantly placed  Stained Glass on the top indicates the rising sun. This beautiful piece of art illuminates it’s positive effect with background light.


“Some of the most important conversations that ever occurred happened at dining table. “

We customized this Curvy Dining Table which reflects serenity like that of a river . Custom Dinings brings harmony to your life by combining design and functionality. The dining table with bench is made of teak wood and 8mm glass on top. It has a fierce and calm look that sums the fullness of the furniture. .


“The area next to the door is used for the bar as it  not only utilizes the space but also creates a perfect  ambiance. This Corner Bar is made up of pure Teak Wood with glass finish.”

It can be pretty overwhelming if you have hosted a party and you run outta booze. We provided our clients with a Peppy Bar Area with enough storage so that their interior is always a show stopper no matter what the occasion is.


“These teak wood partition with focus lights emphasizes the vertical segregation subtly.”

We design wall partitions which brings your house together. Innovative wall decors are modular , vertical  segments of home which are a must for striking decor. We would always suggest our clients to  evolve from concrete wall partitions where ever possible.


“Welcoming Foyer area is a basic necessity for every guest or family member to feel embraced.”

We have kept Mrs. Mishra’s Foyer area classy and subtle just the way she always wanted it to be. The Foyer area consists of magnificent entrance and aesthetic wall. This foyer area is the perfect first impression for any visitor to feel welcomed.


“Teak wood border combined with white natural stone tile (cladding)”

Natural stone cladding is a great way of showcasing the brilliance on the wall. The pelmet light on the top and polished river shines at the bottom creates a distinctive backdrop for the wall.



“This magnificent wooden door is carved which is a royal element one of it’s kind”

Royal entryway has never been out of trend. Beautiful middle-eastern carving on teak wood makes a perfect entrance gate for any home to stand out. We understand that a remarkable Foyer area sets the tone of entire house.


“The Panel on the mandir wall is made by CNC Cutting with Acrylic sheet.The cabinet and panel is finished with white Deco Paint.(Quality finish) The use of white color makes the mandir area look more spacious, serene and calm. Additional Cove Lights creates an emphasis and creates a perfect aura for your faith to flourish.”

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