5 Winter Interior Decor Ideas

So winters are back and they are back with a bang! Where people are worried about clothing and various adapting necessities ( which is very important) We are a bit concerned about Interior elements that becomes a must during winters if you reside in Dehradun. So as we know winters in Dehradun can range anywhere from mild and wonderful to breath freezing. In such climatic conditions it becomes very important to give your home interior a warm revamp. So here are 5 key elements that will help your home interior to stay warm this winter.

Warm Colours

The colors seen are the colors you feel. Colors play a very crucial role when it comes to psychological state of mind. During winters, experts will always suggest you to wrap your interior look in warm colors. Right from wall decors to furniture cover. Warm colors  tend to give cozy look to your room which will help you relax better.

Wooden Interior

We would consider wooden interior to be the start of winter time. Not only wooden interior looks exotically outrageous but it also helps to keep your rooms warm (scientifically). Wooden platforms help in trapping atmospheric heat during winters, keeping your rooms warm.


Wrap up your room into warmth of aesthetic rugs and carpets. These are the cost effective elements which becomes a must during winters. Sheets , Curtains  etc can do wonders if chosen wisely when it comes to designs and color combinations. So just grab some covers for your house interior and make sure that they are in warm colors.


Would you like it if everything in your room is comfortable and cozy but  those eye stabbing lights are there on the ceiling  just hammering your brain as soon as you switch them on. NO! Lights play a major role for final finishing of any décor. During winters it’s a wise idea to go for warm hued lights for the tender aura to relax in.

Classic Add Ons

This is all about getting creative! Artificial fireplace,  Electronic flame lamps etc these elements are very trendy and serves the purpose. They can accelerate your interior look for winters to the next level  within your budget boundaries.

So that’s all for today, Hope you liked our tips for your winter interior. We’ll be back soon with more creative ideas  to make spaces beautiful – You can contact us at www.adinterio.in or just give us a ring at 800 – 690 – 1213

Benefits of Hiring Interior designers in dehradun

Benefits of Hiring  Interior Designers

There is still a bit hesitancy left among the crowd when it comes to hiring interior designers. Today we will answer “What are the benefits of hiring  Interior Designers?” Interior designers are experts in adding aesthetic value to your perfect construction. A House is made of bricks and beams and a Home is made of hopes and dreams. Interior designers understand that an aura of a house is so important for you and your loved ones to grow.  So let’s get started already, shall we?

Time and Budget Savers

Benefits of Hiring Interior designers

Designers are professionally trained to give your house the desired look within your budget parameters. Most of us think that it’s a huge hit on one’s pocket to hire an interior designer, WRONG! A trained interior designer works hand in hand with time targets and budget management. Interior designers are respectful to your budget and derive the best output to make your house a perfect home

Designers are experts

Benefits of Hiring Interior designers

Interior designers have a step up game of working with respective architectural designs. An Interior designer will help you to fully visualize your output beforehand with help of 3d Visualization and CAD designs. Clients deserve to know about the output in which they are going to invest. Therefore with the help of sophisticated software, a professional interior designer will help you visualize your investment outputs.


Project management

Benefits of Hiring Interior designers

Entire designers tie the entire project together.  We work with two major scales i.e coordination and co-operation. Interior designers are trained to multi-task for a project on various aspects like purchasing goods, coordinating with vendors, supervising entire project etc.

Trend updates

Benefits of Hiring Interior designers

We are always updated with the latest trends which are going on all over the world. We are trained to play with designs decors which are in vogue.

Adds value interior

Benefits of Hiring Interior designers

We will add value to your interior in terms of finance and budgeting, Designing and decors, Client management and most importantly we add individuality to your home.


So maybe next time when you plan your interior, you might want professionals to take care of it, also if you are looking for interior designing services contact us at 8006901213 or visit www.adinterio.in

3BHK Apartment Interior in Pacific Hills – Mussoorie Diversion Dehradun

Ad Interio once again proves that they are the best interior designers in Dehradun. Beautiful 3bhkapartment situated in Pacific Hills Dehradun was revamped by Ad Interior team. The apartment was remodelled with few aesthetic elements which bring out the best within the structure. Mrs Anita the owner of the house loved the creativity of the team and new DIY ideas which were suggested to her. Her home now consists of few eye-catching elements which bring out the positive aura all over.

Let’s take a look at what we implemented.

Rectangular duco finished mirror with wooden frame with a console attached for storage.
Mirror Frame
Multipurpose rectangular mirror with a wooden frame is a Customized furniture which was specifically designed to serve the purpose of a dressing table. The classic rectangular shaped mirror has a mini light attached to it on the top which increases the visibility of your reflection.
UCO console for storage and easy to use
Uco finish console for storage and easy to use
Who doesn’t like more space?? Well our UCO finish console cabinet helps you to organize your day to day needs in a systematic way. Strong and beautiful cabinets are always a master key to use your space wisely.
Wooden teak, finish dining chair with suede fabric. Melamine polish looks stunning.
Wooden teak , finish dining chair with suede fabric . Melamine polish looks stunning.
If you are one of the people who love comfort after a hard day at work, then you are more likely to fall for our curved dining chair clothed with suede fabric. We have polished it with melamine to give it that classy semi-matte finish.
-Wall décor in back lit stars and butterflies with duco paint and led strips highlight the back wall in pastel col.
Remember the time when we use to decorate our walls with handmade crafts. Yeah, those childhood decorations are back from the era but with a modern twist. Customized wall decors ! for Mrs. Anita we chose a butterfly-shaped décor with backlit stars complimenting the piece. Duco paint covered décor consists of led strips which highlights the back wall magnificently.
Front foyer area decorated with river stones in golden and black color. Wooden console in the teak finish with storage. Entrance with beautiful Buddha statue on a golden stand.
Front foyer area decorate with river stones highlight with golden and black col. Wooden console in teak finish with storage. Entrance with beautiful Buddha statue and golden stand.
The entrance of the house says it all; the front foyer area of the house is embedded with beautiful river stones highlighted in black and golden color. You will find a sitting Buddha statue on an altar as soon as u enter the foyer area. The color combination of the wall and the statue compliments each other inside out.
Customized mandir with CNC and glass work and multipurpose storage and high stool with comfortable sitting bookshelves.
Customized mandir with cnc and glass work and storage for multipurpose and high stool with comfortable sitting book shelves.
Our team takes special care of your religion and faith. We customized a mandir for Mrs. Anita and her family with inbuilt sitting book shelves, so that her religious literatures come handy when required. Mandir is built with cnc and glass work . We’ve made sure to to add external drawers to increase the storage area.
Bookshelves on wall panel for multiple uses in a wooden teak finish.
Book shelves on wall panel for multiple use in a wooden teak finish.
Teak finished Angled Book shelf on the wall panel is a multipurpose book storage unit which is not just a modernly designed wall décor but also an aesthetic storage unit. Its a multipurpose shelf which serves the purpose.
Crockery unit with hydraulic fitting and glass doors. Wooden teak finish and multi-purpose storage
Crockery unit with hydrolic fitting and glass doors. Wooden teak finish and multi purpose storage
Organising things artistically is an art and our crockery unit is a live example for the same . The wooden teak finished crockery unit is a safe place for the owner to put her delicate utensils without worry of them getting hampered.
False ceiling and canceled lights with center cave highlight with contrast color.
False ceiling and canceled lights with center cave highlight with contrast colour.
We also have a ceiling design that stands out of the crowd! It is artistic, classy, eye catchy and most importantly It is durable and long lasting.
High back cushion bed and wall panel with squared pattern.
High back cushion bed with cushions onwall panel with zig zag and square pattern bed in teak wood with hydraulic storage.
Speaking of comfort again, We customized a High back cushioned bed with cushion on wall panel for the family members to relax even when they are sitting. The bed cushion consists of zig zag and squared patterns for an aesthetic look.
Small wall balcony décor with very tiny original plants in beautiful pots.
Small wall balcony décor with very tiny original plants in beautiful pots also use green grass in one panel to look green
We all love greenery. Balcony wall décor with tiny original plants are placed aesthetically in beautiful pots on the shelves. Such décor is not only a blessing for nature lovers but also a blessing for the environment.

Living room of Mrs. Anita house is a spacious area with wooden ceiling wall décor. Decorated with elegant contrast sofa sittings. The living room also consists of a wall mounted T.V unit for families to make beautiful memories over their favorite TV shows.  The living area consists of a free passage area for leisure and free walking. In total it is a beautiful place to reside in.

Thanks to our team for their best efforts. Also, If you are looking for out of the box interior designing services. Drop your queries at sales@adinterio.in or schedule a consultation session at our Rajpur Road office.

Call: 8006901213





It is a wrap! So AD INTERIO made it again. With the help of our amazing designing team and creative brainstorming we were able to come up with 7 major key points which made our  ‘ONCE UPON A CHILD’ kid shop  a huge hit .

This Rajpur road located kid store reflects the happiness and positivity which radiates all over the place.

Toy Store/Shop at Rajpur Road - Interior Design by AD Interio
Images of “Once Upon A Kid – Toy Store” at Rajpur Road – Dehradun

Here are 7 reasons to how this project is a gigantic success:

1 – Splendid Ceiling – Glorious false ceiling of the store can make anybody look and stare for a while. Store Ceiling compliments every other attribute of the store in the most Aesthetic way.

2- Beautiful Wallpapers- Imagine your favorite cartoon characters come to life inside a room. YES! We did that. 3d wallpapers with soft color and different cartoon characters make it stand out. Poppin’ images all over the place leave kids wonderstrucked.

3- Wooden Racks- Basic Wooden racks can work wonders if you work with them aesthetically. We placed wooden racks in such a manner where the visibility just seems to be perfect with maximum storage. Our Duco Paint finished wooden racks are a must for a durable interior.

4- Front Toughen- We installed transparent front toughen door for a warm welcome feel. Entrance of the store is pretty classy and welcoming for the visitors. Our front Toughen accelerates visibility of customized indoor toy bus loaded with soft toys which is a catch for passing buy kids and parents.

5- Counters- Bus shaped counters with glittering finish are used to highlight different corners of the store. Shape of counters is designed in such a manner that it becomes impossible for a passerby to ignore it.

6- Lights- Concealed focus track lights are the secret to a luminous room. We have used eye soothing lights which promotes  visibility. Lights at the store acts as decorative elements as well . They are beautiful, aesthetic and serves the purpose.

7- Special Feature – In this KID’s SHOP we have designed  a specific  play area  just for toddlers to have fun. This area consists of artificial trees, grass, toys and every other  fascinating elements  that you can think of  for your toddler to be happy.

So these were the 7 key points which made “once upon a child store” stand out.  We would like to thank absolute creative minds  behind the project as my closing words. Also, If you are looking for out of the box interior designing services. Drop your queries at sales@adinterio.in or schedule a consultation at our Rajpur Road office now. Call: 8006901213