House Designed at Balbir Road – Dehradun

We successfully completed our latest project for Mr. Singh who was looking for a compatible designer who would stylise his home according to his preference.

Mr. Singh had multiple requirements in respect of his home that was to be newly designed. He had been very cooperative and helpful throughout the project which lead us to complete this project successfully.

3D Visualisations for Bedroom


Sofa & Wall Decor in Living Room
The Living room is a brilliant combination of neutral colours and shades.

Living Room is one of the most important rooms in our homes. Unlike any other room, the living room is usually our first thought when it comes to decorating a new home. Living room is also one of the most versatile spaces in your home. They take on several different roles which can make getting the decor just right, a bit of a challenge.

Sofa Design for Villa at Balbir Road Dehradun
This grey coloured 6 seater sofa with swade fabric offer supreme comfort to curl up and relax at the end of the day.

A right furniture set is crucial because it serves as the main showcase of the house. Instead of a sofa set our designers chose a sectional (L- Shaped ) according to the demand of the space, as it is a good choice for a room with limited wall space and is more inviting alternative to a sofa.

Wall Decor for Villa at Dehradun
The wall decor behind the sofa is made up of glass with a duco finished board.

The wall decor lends depth and interest. The focus lights on both the side of the wall décor adds to the style quotient. The quote suggests oneness, attachment and love.

Table with Glass on Top
The graceful center table is finished with white duco paint with 12mm black glass on the top.

The Center table is an important part of any living room. Here you enjoy your cup of tea,you munch snacks while watching a movie, engage in conversations with family members, friends and much more. This center table serves several purposes; from completing a look, to storage and utility.

TV Panel for Drawing Room in Dehradun
The lovely wooden T.V. Panel is finished with white duco paint and wood veneer.

Entertainment walls have become an important living room feature. Our designers understand that how important space management is. This multifunctional T.V. panel is all you need. The wall and base unit against the wood panel visually holds the entire arrangement together. The shelf at the base and side can be used to display decorative items.


Dining Area - Divyanshu

Our designers decided to keep the walls plain as it gives a great scope to play with earthy tones and makes the area look spacious at the same time. Earthy tones monopolize the design giving it an authentic feel.

Console tables are flexible and multi-purpose wonders. They provide a strong focal point and also holds the essentials comfortably.

Our Client already had this beautiful teak console which he wanted our designers to use while designing the dining area. Keeping that in mind we designed the breakfast counter and wall cabinet with a combination of wood veneer and white duco paint that compliments the console really well.

Dining Area - Divyanshu Arora Balbir Road, Dehradun

The chair with swade fabric, cushioning and wooden legs blends well with the ambience, that offer both style and comfort.

The 24 feet ceiling with beautiful light fan elevates the design in the dining area.


Our designers used the right combination of colours making the room look edgy, comfortable and peaceful.

After you get home from a long day activities, all you need is a bedroom that will help you to relax and reduce stress. Therefore, a bedroom must be designed in a way that will make you feel good apart from providing good sleep.

Bed Designed for Mr. Singh
The eye-catching bed is finished with white and caramel duco paint. The design of the bed gives an illusion as of it’s floating above the floor.

The moment you enter the bedroom you’ll be fascinated by the circular stone pendant light illuminating the entryway. The wooden panel offers a perfect chance to highlight the pendant light. A well lit entrance is very important.


As soon as you look at the featured wall you are immediately overtaken by the beauty and glow of the wall decor complementing the pristine blue colour of the wall. The wall lamps on either side enhance the visual appeal of the décor. The decor is made by lazer cutting on acrylic mirror.

The colour of the wall gives a cozy and breezy feeling. Blue is often seen as a sign of stability and reliability. Blue call to mind feelings of calmness and serenity.

The bay window seating with wooden border creates a sense of harmony and further enhances the feeling of space. 

This room had this bay window which we converted into an alluring seating along with storage space. The concealed lights on the top make it more attractive. Designing is not only about beautifying the space also maximizing the utilization of space.

The delicate T.V. panel is a beautiful amalgamation of design and utility.

Finished with wood veneer and duco paint, this study cum T.V. unit also has a storage space for mini refrigerator. Wall mounted units are best choice for T.V. units. Uninterrupted floor space looks clean and tidy. The room looks more spacious and is easy to clean. The LED strip that runs around the panel add to the look of weightlessness.

Ceiling Design
The ceiling is made up of wooden panels with concealed & cove lights.

Although most people think about paint, types of walls or floor as most attractive elements of the house, the ceiling makes an important style statement. It affects the look and feel of the house at the same time.
Our designers didn’t want the ceiling to look too bulky, so they decided to go for tray ceiling keeping in mind the height and slope of the ceiling.
The ceiling panel have been created to draw the eye up to the fixture in the center.

Chest of Drawer
The chest of drawer finished with white duco paint is pleasing to the eye. 

The chest of drawer was designed for the purpose of storing items and can also be used as a console to place decors on the top. It gives you maximum storage space and is easy to use and clean.


Dressing Room Closets
This effortless and hassle free closet is all you need for your dressing room.

A walk-in-closet is a lovely place to sit, get dressed and prepare for your day. It’s more comfortable and provides more storage room and space to organize clothes, shoes, and accessories.


Bathroom design is the art of meeting people’s  needs and providing a great looking addition to your home.

The focal point of any bathroom is it’s vanity because it is an area which is most frequently used. We didn’t want our client’s bathroom to look empty, so we considered designing a vanity in a manner that could give the bathroom an occupied appearance whilst being light and spacious.

A glass shower enclosure significantly reduce chances of any mishap in the bathroom, It helps to keep rest of the area dry. It will make your bathroom appear bigger than it actually is.
Our client’s bathroom was not that big , a glass enclosure is just what we needed to make the space look bigger and more spacious.. Moreover, it will allow better air flow as compared to metal frame shower stall or a traditional curtain.

Wall Mounted DC

Instead of an ordinary W.C.  we decided to go for a wall mounted W.C. The main distinctive feature which differentiates them from other toilets is the fact that the water tank is concealed behind the wall. It still remains accessible through the flush plate opening but stays out of view. It also makes the bathroom look elegant.

Hello there! So 2019 is here, and we are stepping up our furnishing game starting from level one. As we know the complete look for a perfect interior starts from good wholesome furniture. For example, if you make a visit to one of your friend’s place who owns an exotic penthouse in a plush location. You will be mesmerized with fancy construction, outrageous false ceiling design, sparkling flooring etc. but will it be the same if furniture is not complementing the interior? NO. Furniture takes 70% of involvement when it comes to interior designs. In short “Poor furniture equals the mediocre interior”.

Your Living area plays a vital role to create a first impression. Therefore you have to make sure that it’s on target! Speaking of which Customized Coffee tables are hitting 2019 with ambient furnishing styles. Take a look at some of them.

Double layered coffee table solves all the purpose. It is a smart storage unit with a fascinating appearance. Tables of such kind are the first choice if our clients are looking for multipurpose side furniture which is easy to blend in.

Matte black finish classic center table. Perfect fit for any kind of interior. Faint polish on the furniture really brings out the gloss.

Wooden coffee table (Plank Style) are vintage inspired furniture designed specifically to enhance the wooden interior. This design works well with any kind of interior that requires a rustic element.


3bhk Apartment Interior ( Jhajhra-Dehradun )


We got a chance to work for a Client while she was looking forward to revamp Interior of her beautiful 3bhk Apartment Located in Dehradun.

The Client is a wonderful and free-spirited lady who wanted her interior to be subtle. She wanted her interior to have a warm feel – a little bit golden, with pure teak wood and neutral shades. Located  in Dehradun, Here are some of the aspects of their charming apartment that we absolutely adore. So let’s get started with the LIVING ROOM! shall we?


The Living Room in whites and neutrals is accentuated by Warm Wood tones.

Client is looking for something not to colossal for her living room. Her living area was given a cozy look with warm hues to maintain the tender aura through her living area.  Wooden Toned Interior  design has a different, positive effect in each and every room of the apartment.

” The Metallic Finish Wallpaper used on the Accent wall makes the living room aesthetically appealing. Cove Panels adds to the beauty of the wall.

The accent wall doesn’t always have to be  outrageous to make an impact for the perfect interior. As you can see we have maintained the eye fullness of the interior with help of classy metallic finish  wall paper embraced by Teak Wood Cove Panels.


The Buddha Painting with focused light on the wall gives a feeling of bliss & positivity.

Lord Buddha’s Paintings are always considered to be a symbol of peace . According to Vastu Experts, keeping a painting of Lord Buddha in living room increases the flow of Chi resulting in  prosperity and positivity.


“The Low Seating made up of pure teak wood with Heavy Density Cushioning gives a feeling of comfort and Relaxation”

We always believe in making the Comfiest Seating for our clients. After all comfort is a blessing, isn’t it? client seating is the perfect example of beauty with comfort. Classic low toned Customized Sofa with vibrant cushions is just what she was looking for.  The Decorative Cushions and Glass Panels on either sides makes it multi functional as well.


The Royale Emulsion Paint provides a luxurious finish to the walls.”

We added luxurious touch to the apartment’s appearance with Royale Luxury Emulsion Paints. Emulsion paints are acrylic based hence provides you with matte smooth walls giving a plush finish.


“The Pure Teak Wood Center Table with 8mm glass on top”

Client got her Center Table Customized according to her preference. The furniture is itself an intricate design which compliments the linearity of the interior.


Wooden Bordered Ceiling adds a elegance to the room.”

False Ceiling of  living room is a luxuriant element which brings entire area to life. Installing a  Wooden Ceiling is always considered to be advantageous due to it’s wide variety of finishes.


The Nest of Tables are made up of teak wood with 8mm Glass Top and wheels for easy mobility.”

Multipurpose Nest of Tables is a must have showpiece in your house. This three-layered customized element can be used as separate tables if required. A perfect example of Space Utilization with elegance.


“Dining Area is the heart of the house because as they say The fondest memories are made when gathered around the table. “

Dining Area is very important in the modern world, where technology is non-existence and family catch up on each other and make memories. Here is a little sneak peek at what dining area looked like when. AD INTERIO was done with their magic.


The Decorative Mirror Glass with teak border brightens up space.”

According to Feng-Shui mirror placement, placing the mirror in dining area increases your ability to hold wealth. Not only this, placing a mirror in dining area symbolizes the abundance of wealth flow.


” This spontaneous Teak Wood Door with glass panel has a gold metallic border on it.”

Elegantly placed  Stained Glass on the top indicates the rising sun. This beautiful piece of art illuminates it’s positive effect with background light.


“The area next to the door is used for the bar as it not only utilizes the space but also creates a perfect ambiance. This Corner Bar is made up of pure Teak Wood with a glass finish.”

It can be pretty overwhelming if you have hosted a party and you run outta booze. We provided our clients with a Peppy Bar Area with enough storage so that their interior is always a show stopper no matter what the occasion is.We customized this Curvy Dining Table which reflects serenity like that of a river . Custom Dinings brings harmony to your life by combining design and functionality.


“The area next to the door is used for the bar as it not only utilizes the space but also creates a perfect ambiance. This Corner Bar is made up of pure Teak Wood with a glass finish.”

It can be pretty overwhelming if you have hosted a party and you run outta booze. We provided our clients with a Peppy Bar Area with enough storage so that their interior is always a show stopper no matter what the occasion is.


“These teak wood partition with focus lights emphasizes the vertical segregation subtly.”

We design wall partitions which brings your house together. Innovative wall decors are modular, vertical segments of the home which are a must for striking decor. We would always suggest our clients evolve from concrete wall partitions where ever possible.


“Welcoming Foyer area is a basic necessity for every guest or family member to feel embraced.”

We have kept  Foyer area classy and subtle just the way she always wanted it to be. The Foyer area consists of a magnificent entrance and aesthetic wall. This foyer area is the perfect first impression for any visitor to feel welcomed.


“Teakwood border combined with white natural stone tile (cladding)”

Natural stone cladding is a great way of showcasing the brilliance on the wall. The pelmet light on the top and polished river shines at the bottom creates a distinctive backdrop for the wall.


“This magnificent wooden door is carved which is a royal element one of it’s kind”

Royal entryway has never been out of trend. Beautiful middle-eastern carving on teak wood makes a perfect entrance gate for any home to stand out. We understand that a remarkable Foyer area sets the tone of entire house.


“The Panel on the mandir wall is made by CNC Cutting with Acrylic sheet. The cabinet and panels are finished with white Deco Paint. (Quality finish) The use of white color makes the mandir area look more spacious, serene and calm. Additional Cove Lights creates emphasis and creates a perfect aura for your faith to flourish.”




So that’s all for now! To learn more about our work CHECKOUT AD INTERIO BLOGS or if you are looking forward to get in touch with Interior Designing Experts based in Dehradun call us at 800 – 690 – 1213 . You can also drop your queries below for our experts to get in touch with you.

5 Winter Interior Decor Ideas

So winters are back and they are back with a bang! Where people are worried about clothing and various adapting necessities ( which is very important) We are a bit concerned about Interior elements that becomes a must during winters if you reside in Dehradun. So as we know winters in Dehradun can range anywhere from mild and wonderful to breath freezing. In such climatic conditions it becomes very important to give your home interior a warm revamp. So here are 5 key elements that will help your home interior to stay warm this winter.

Warm Colours

The colors seen are the colors you feel. Colors play a very crucial role when it comes to psychological state of mind. During winters, experts will always suggest you to wrap your interior look in warm colors. Right from wall decors to furniture cover. Warm colors  tend to give cozy look to your room which will help you relax better.

Wooden Interior

We would consider wooden interior to be the start of winter time. Not only wooden interior looks exotically outrageous but it also helps to keep your rooms warm (scientifically). Wooden platforms help in trapping atmospheric heat during winters, keeping your rooms warm.


Wrap up your room into warmth of aesthetic rugs and carpets. These are the cost effective elements which becomes a must during winters. Sheets , Curtains  etc can do wonders if chosen wisely when it comes to designs and color combinations. So just grab some covers for your house interior and make sure that they are in warm colors.


Would you like it if everything in your room is comfortable and cozy but  those eye stabbing lights are there on the ceiling  just hammering your brain as soon as you switch them on. NO! Lights play a major role for final finishing of any décor. During winters it’s a wise idea to go for warm hued lights for the tender aura to relax in.

Classic Add Ons

This is all about getting creative! Artificial fireplace,  Electronic flame lamps etc these elements are very trendy and serves the purpose. They can accelerate your interior look for winters to the next level  within your budget boundaries.

So that’s all for today, Hope you liked our tips for your winter interior. We’ll be back soon with more creative ideas  to make spaces beautiful – You can contact us at or just give us a ring at 800 – 690 – 1213

Benefits of Hiring Interior designers in dehradun

Benefits of Hiring  Interior Designers

There is still a bit hesitancy left among the crowd when it comes to hiring interior designers. Today we will answer “What are the benefits of hiring  Interior Designers?” Interior designers are experts in adding aesthetic value to your perfect construction. A House is made of bricks and beams and a Home is made of hopes and dreams. Interior designers understand that an aura of a house is so important for you and your loved ones to grow.  So let’s get started already, shall we?

Time and Budget Savers

Benefits of Hiring Interior designers

Designers are professionally trained to give your house the desired look within your budget parameters. Most of us think that it’s a huge hit on one’s pocket to hire an interior designer, WRONG! A trained interior designer works hand in hand with time targets and budget management. Interior designers are respectful to your budget and derive the best output to make your house a perfect home

Designers are experts

Benefits of Hiring Interior designers

Interior designers have a step up game of working with respective architectural designs. An Interior designer will help you to fully visualize your output beforehand with help of 3d Visualization and CAD designs. Clients deserve to know about the output in which they are going to invest. Therefore with the help of sophisticated software, a professional interior designer will help you visualize your investment outputs.


Project management

Benefits of Hiring Interior designers

Entire designers tie the entire project together.  We work with two major scales i.e coordination and co-operation. Interior designers are trained to multi-task for a project on various aspects like purchasing goods, coordinating with vendors, supervising entire project etc.

Trend updates

Benefits of Hiring Interior designers

We are always updated with the latest trends which are going on all over the world. We are trained to play with designs decors which are in vogue.

Adds value interior

Benefits of Hiring Interior designers

We will add value to your interior in terms of finance and budgeting, Designing and decors, Client management and most importantly we add individuality to your home.


So maybe next time when you plan your interior, you might want professionals to take care of it, also if you are looking for interior designing services contact us at 8006901213 or visit

3BHK Apartment Interior in Pacific Hills – Mussoorie Diversion Dehradun

Ad Interio once again proves that they are the best interior designers in Dehradun. Beautiful 3bhkapartment situated in Pacific Hills Dehradun was revamped by Ad Interior team. The apartment was remodelled with few aesthetic elements which bring out the best within the structure. Mrs Anita the owner of the house loved the creativity of the team and new DIY ideas which were suggested to her. Her home now consists of few eye-catching elements which bring out the positive aura all over.

Let’s take a look at what we implemented.

Rectangular duco finished mirror with wooden frame with a console attached for storage.
Mirror Frame
Multipurpose rectangular mirror with a wooden frame is a Customized furniture which was specifically designed to serve the purpose of a dressing table. The classic rectangular shaped mirror has a mini light attached to it on the top which increases the visibility of your reflection.
UCO console for storage and easy to use
Uco finish console for storage and easy to use
Who doesn’t like more space?? Well our UCO finish console cabinet helps you to organize your day to day needs in a systematic way. Strong and beautiful cabinets are always a master key to use your space wisely.
Wooden teak, finish dining chair with suede fabric. Melamine polish looks stunning.
Wooden teak , finish dining chair with suede fabric . Melamine polish looks stunning.
If you are one of the people who love comfort after a hard day at work, then you are more likely to fall for our curved dining chair clothed with suede fabric. We have polished it with melamine to give it that classy semi-matte finish.
-Wall décor in back lit stars and butterflies with duco paint and led strips highlight the back wall in pastel col.
Remember the time when we use to decorate our walls with handmade crafts. Yeah, those childhood decorations are back from the era but with a modern twist. Customized wall decors ! for Mrs. Anita we chose a butterfly-shaped décor with backlit stars complimenting the piece. Duco paint covered décor consists of led strips which highlights the back wall magnificently.
Front foyer area decorated with river stones in golden and black color. Wooden console in the teak finish with storage. Entrance with beautiful Buddha statue on a golden stand.
Front foyer area decorate with river stones highlight with golden and black col. Wooden console in teak finish with storage. Entrance with beautiful Buddha statue and golden stand.
The entrance of the house says it all; the front foyer area of the house is embedded with beautiful river stones highlighted in black and golden color. You will find a sitting Buddha statue on an altar as soon as u enter the foyer area. The color combination of the wall and the statue compliments each other inside out.
Customized mandir with CNC and glass work and multipurpose storage and high stool with comfortable sitting bookshelves.
Customized mandir with cnc and glass work and storage for multipurpose and high stool with comfortable sitting book shelves.
Our team takes special care of your religion and faith. We customized a mandir for Mrs. Anita and her family with inbuilt sitting book shelves, so that her religious literatures come handy when required. Mandir is built with cnc and glass work . We’ve made sure to to add external drawers to increase the storage area.
Bookshelves on wall panel for multiple uses in a wooden teak finish.
Book shelves on wall panel for multiple use in a wooden teak finish.
Teak finished Angled Book shelf on the wall panel is a multipurpose book storage unit which is not just a modernly designed wall décor but also an aesthetic storage unit. Its a multipurpose shelf which serves the purpose.
Crockery unit with hydraulic fitting and glass doors. Wooden teak finish and multi-purpose storage
Crockery unit with hydrolic fitting and glass doors. Wooden teak finish and multi purpose storage
Organising things artistically is an art and our crockery unit is a live example for the same . The wooden teak finished crockery unit is a safe place for the owner to put her delicate utensils without worry of them getting hampered.
False ceiling and canceled lights with center cave highlight with contrast color.
False ceiling and canceled lights with center cave highlight with contrast colour.
We also have a ceiling design that stands out of the crowd! It is artistic, classy, eye catchy and most importantly It is durable and long lasting.
High back cushion bed and wall panel with squared pattern.
High back cushion bed with cushions onwall panel with zig zag and square pattern bed in teak wood with hydraulic storage.
Speaking of comfort again, We customized a High back cushioned bed with cushion on wall panel for the family members to relax even when they are sitting. The bed cushion consists of zig zag and squared patterns for an aesthetic look.
Small wall balcony décor with very tiny original plants in beautiful pots.
Small wall balcony décor with very tiny original plants in beautiful pots also use green grass in one panel to look green
We all love greenery. Balcony wall décor with tiny original plants are placed aesthetically in beautiful pots on the shelves. Such décor is not only a blessing for nature lovers but also a blessing for the environment.

Living room of Mrs. Anita house is a spacious area with wooden ceiling wall décor. Decorated with elegant contrast sofa sittings. The living room also consists of a wall mounted T.V unit for families to make beautiful memories over their favorite TV shows.  The living area consists of a free passage area for leisure and free walking. In total it is a beautiful place to reside in.

Thanks to our team for their best efforts. Also, If you are looking for out of the box interior designing services. Drop your queries at or schedule a consultation session at our Rajpur Road office.

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It is a wrap! So AD INTERIO made it again. With the help of our amazing designing team and creative brainstorming we were able to come up with 7 major key points which made our  ‘ONCE UPON A CHILD’ kid shop  a huge hit .

This Rajpur road located kid store reflects the happiness and positivity which radiates all over the place.

Toy Store/Shop at Rajpur Road - Interior Design by AD Interio
Images of “Once Upon A Kid – Toy Store” at Rajpur Road – Dehradun

Here are 7 reasons to how this project is a gigantic success:

1 – Splendid Ceiling – Glorious false ceiling of the store can make anybody look and stare for a while. Store Ceiling compliments every other attribute of the store in the most Aesthetic way.

2- Beautiful Wallpapers- Imagine your favorite cartoon characters come to life inside a room. YES! We did that. 3d wallpapers with soft color and different cartoon characters make it stand out. Poppin’ images all over the place leave kids wonderstrucked.

3- Wooden Racks- Basic Wooden racks can work wonders if you work with them aesthetically. We placed wooden racks in such a manner where the visibility just seems to be perfect with maximum storage. Our Duco Paint finished wooden racks are a must for a durable interior.

4- Front Toughen- We installed transparent front toughen door for a warm welcome feel. Entrance of the store is pretty classy and welcoming for the visitors. Our front Toughen accelerates visibility of customized indoor toy bus loaded with soft toys which is a catch for passing buy kids and parents.

5- Counters- Bus shaped counters with glittering finish are used to highlight different corners of the store. Shape of counters is designed in such a manner that it becomes impossible for a passerby to ignore it.

6- Lights- Concealed focus track lights are the secret to a luminous room. We have used eye soothing lights which promotes  visibility. Lights at the store acts as decorative elements as well . They are beautiful, aesthetic and serves the purpose.

7- Special Feature – In this KID’s SHOP we have designed  a specific  play area  just for toddlers to have fun. This area consists of artificial trees, grass, toys and every other  fascinating elements  that you can think of  for your toddler to be happy.

So these were the 7 key points which made “once upon a child store” stand out.  We would like to thank absolute creative minds  behind the project as my closing words. Also, If you are looking for out of the box interior designing services. Drop your queries at or schedule a consultation at our Rajpur Road office now. Call: 8006901213

Penthouse Interior in Trafalgar Society – Canal Road, DDN

AD INTERIO DID IT AGAIN! This time it was a flat’s interior located at CANAL ROAD in Dehradun. Owners of the property were open to new and creative ideas. We worked with them, expanding our creative parameters. There was absolute no hindrance during work procedure from their side which motivated our to take full advantage of  creative liberty hence resultin in aesthetic output.


It was a 3 Bhk apartment with respected balcony areas . As you can see in the images the appearance of our  Interior design reflects  quality  as well. Stipulated period of project completion was 2 months which also consisted of our 3 major work  steps.

  • Design Customization
  • 2D & 3D Visualization
  • Implementation

Gazebo and The Bar Counter  stole the show after the final finsh . Do Check out the images to get a glimpse of our project. Also if you are looking for any kind of Interior Design Services call us (800-690-1213). Our office is located at Main Rajpur Road Opposite OSHO Resorts in Dehradun.

Why Custom-Made Furniture is best option?

Your mentality at that point is “what will fit and hopefully look good”.  If you measure something incorrectly and bring it home, you will either need to return it or start moving other things around in order to accommodate. This leads to snowball effect of inefficiencies that can not only dampen the positive vibes of room, but deter you from buying any additional furniture in the future.

Custom Made Furniture in Dehradun
Custom pieces can be cleverly designed to have dual functions, such as this sofa cum bookcase.

But the idea behind customized furniture flips that approach you go to the maker and tell them the dimensions you have to work with and they will take care of the rest. Customized furniture offers the flexibility to add components you typically will not find on standard furniture. If you want an additional shelf for a night stand, a hidden set of drawers or anything that will make your life easier. This is an incredible benefit that you simply cannot get from standard store’s furniture. You will get furniture according to you and your kids needs.

Some reasons to invest in Custom Furniture:

  1. For easy maintenance or repair
    Finding someone to repair it after a few years of use can be an ordeal in itself. But customized furniture the worker will repair it anytime you want.
  2. To balance the budget
    It’s a misconception that customized furniture is always more expensive than ready-made items. You will always find the customized furniture in the proper price range.
  3. Custom peaces are always special
    It may take a longer, but good things are usually worth the wait with a bit of planning and some scouting around, that perfect piece you could not find anywhere will find its to your home.

Benefits of custom-made in bedroom

The bedroom is one of the most important sector of the house. This is because everyone spends almost a third of their time in their bedroom. Renovating your bedroom would be one of the ways to have a comfy room for you to relax after tiring day.

One of the most important pieces of furniture in the bedroom would be the wardrobe. Although buying a ready-made wardrobe can save a lot of hassle as compared to a built-in wardrobe, but they may not fit in well into your bedroom spaces.

Bulletin wardrobes are not only able to fit in perfectly to the space of your bedroom. But hey can also built-in wardrobe, but they may not fit in well into your bedroom spaces.

Built-in wardrobes are not only able to fit in perfectly to the space of your bedroom. But they can also be built-in such a way that it covers right up to the ceiling so that it can save your time to clean the dust on top of your wardrobe.

You can even consider a mini-dressing table in built with the wardrobe to save space. You can have mini-side tables and drawers and in-built storage space within your bed frame as storage space as there would be need for separate cabinets.

Another benefit of having a built-in wardrobe is that you can install necessary lighting in your wardrobe. The lights will be turned on whey you open the doors of your wardrobe. You can include as many drawers you would like to have in your wardrobe. Custom made furniture in a bedroom can also transform your bedroom’s design. You don’t need to spend lots of money, but you can still have it in your house for long-term.

If you are looking for Custom-Furniture Design Services in Dehradun. We are Dehradun based interior designers that helps you to live in your dreams. We ensure complete satisfaction of our clients in the interior, renovation & construction works with the help of our experts and design analysis. BOOK A SCHEDULE NOW: CALL@ 800-690-1213.

False Ceiling – That Redefines Your Home

Ceiling is the ultimate sky of your home and so to possess it as sparkling as sky you must opt for it to make your home look more attractive. False Ceiling is a type of an artificial ceiling which is one of the best inventions in era of architecture. It makes the room look more stylish and add sophistication to them.

It is required to add additional lightning points for improving the ambience of apartment.

Why to Install False Ceiling

  1. It is more economical than entire ceiling.
  2. It has sound absorption capability and also conceals the wiring used in lighting the ceiling.
  3. You are also relieved from dust and other un-hygienic conditions.
  4. It adds beauty and elegancy to plain and simple ceilings.

False Ceiling can be made with various types of material such as PVC, POP, Gypsum, Wood, Glass, Metal, Fiber, etc..

POP False Ceiling Design
POP False Ceiling Design by AD-Interio Dehradun


Being costly it is used only in residential building as it add to beauty and grandeur. They can be given various finishes and can be painted too. They are durable and long lasting as well. Gypsum & Plaster board based false ceiling are used in most office and commercial interiors as they are faster to construct, lightweight, fire resistance, soft and heat insulated, while in case of residential spaces there is a greater freedom to choose the material.


For your bathroom, if you are having no windows and want to give completely aqua touch you can go for glass false ceiling. Gypsum false ceiling is a cheaper solution for rooms with the help of aluminium framing and you can install LED Panel lights for luxurious looks.


False Ceiling will attract children’s attention as it is very appealing and fascinating to kids. Because it contains the pattern liked by kids.

Though having a false ceiling may appear as a slightly expensive proposition at first but it’s distinct functional as well as aesthetic advantages make it worth the money.

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