5 Winter Interior Decor Ideas

So winters are back and they are back with a bang! Where people are worried about clothing and various adapting necessities ( which is very important) We are a bit concerned about Interior elements that becomes a must during winters if you reside in Dehradun. So as we know winters in Dehradun can range anywhere from mild and wonderful to breath freezing. In such climatic conditions it becomes very important to give your home interior a warm revamp. So here are 5 key elements that will help your home interior to stay warm this winter.

Warm Colours

The colors seen are the colors you feel. Colors play a very crucial role when it comes to psychological state of mind. During winters, experts will always suggest you to wrap your interior look in warm colors. Right from wall decors to furniture cover. Warm colors  tend to give cozy look to your room which will help you relax better.

Wooden Interior

We would consider wooden interior to be the start of winter time. Not only wooden interior looks exotically outrageous but it also helps to keep your rooms warm (scientifically). Wooden platforms help in trapping atmospheric heat during winters, keeping your rooms warm.


Wrap up your room into warmth of aesthetic rugs and carpets. These are the cost effective elements which becomes a must during winters. Sheets , Curtains  etc can do wonders if chosen wisely when it comes to designs and color combinations. So just grab some covers for your house interior and make sure that they are in warm colors.


Would you like it if everything in your room is comfortable and cozy but  those eye stabbing lights are there on the ceiling  just hammering your brain as soon as you switch them on. NO! Lights play a major role for final finishing of any décor. During winters it’s a wise idea to go for warm hued lights for the tender aura to relax in.

Classic Add Ons

This is all about getting creative! Artificial fireplace,  Electronic flame lamps etc these elements are very trendy and serves the purpose. They can accelerate your interior look for winters to the next level  within your budget boundaries.

So that’s all for today, Hope you liked our tips for your winter interior. We’ll be back soon with more creative ideas  to make spaces beautiful – You can contact us at www.adinterio.in or just give us a ring at 800 – 690 – 1213

Author: Monika Chawla

Senior Interior Designer at AD-Interio, Dehradun

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