It is a wrap! So AD INTERIO made it again. With the help of our amazing designing team and creative brainstorming we were able to come up with 7 major key points which made our  ‘ONCE UPON A CHILD’ kid shop  a huge hit .

This Rajpur road located kid store reflects the happiness and positivity which radiates all over the place.

Toy Store/Shop at Rajpur Road - Interior Design by AD Interio
Images of “Once Upon A Kid – Toy Store” at Rajpur Road – Dehradun

Here are 7 reasons to how this project is a gigantic success:

1 – Splendid Ceiling – Glorious false ceiling of the store can make anybody look and stare for a while. Store Ceiling compliments every other attribute of the store in the most Aesthetic way.

2- Beautiful Wallpapers- Imagine your favorite cartoon characters come to life inside a room. YES! We did that. 3d wallpapers with soft color and different cartoon characters make it stand out. Poppin’ images all over the place leave kids wonderstrucked.

3- Wooden Racks- Basic Wooden racks can work wonders if you work with them aesthetically. We placed wooden racks in such a manner where the visibility just seems to be perfect with maximum storage. Our Duco Paint finished wooden racks are a must for a durable interior.

4- Front Toughen- We installed transparent front toughen door for a warm welcome feel. Entrance of the store is pretty classy and welcoming for the visitors. Our front Toughen accelerates visibility of customized indoor toy bus loaded with soft toys which is a catch for passing buy kids and parents.

5- Counters- Bus shaped counters with glittering finish are used to highlight different corners of the store. Shape of counters is designed in such a manner that it becomes impossible for a passerby to ignore it.

6- Lights- Concealed focus track lights are the secret to a luminous room. We have used eye soothing lights which promotes  visibility. Lights at the store acts as decorative elements as well . They are beautiful, aesthetic and serves the purpose.

7- Special Feature – In this KID’s SHOP we have designed  a specific  play area  just for toddlers to have fun. This area consists of artificial trees, grass, toys and every other  fascinating elements  that you can think of  for your toddler to be happy.

So these were the 7 key points which made “once upon a child store” stand out.  We would like to thank absolute creative minds  behind the project as my closing words. Also, If you are looking for out of the box interior designing services. Drop your queries at sales@adinterio.in or schedule a consultation at our Rajpur Road office now. Call: 8006901213