False Ceiling – That Redefines Your Home

Ceiling is the ultimate sky of your home and so to possess it as sparkling as sky you must opt for it to make your home look more attractive. False Ceiling is a type of an artificial ceiling which is one of the best inventions in era of architecture. It makes the room look more stylish and add sophistication to them.

It is required to add additional lightning points for improving the ambience of apartment.

Why to Install False Ceiling

  1. It is more economical than entire ceiling.
  2. It has sound absorption capability and also conceals the wiring used in lighting the ceiling.
  3. You are also relieved from dust and other un-hygienic conditions.
  4. It adds beauty and elegancy to plain and simple ceilings.

False Ceiling can be made with various types of material such as PVC, POP, Gypsum, Wood, Glass, Metal, Fiber, etc..

POP False Ceiling Design
POP False Ceiling Design by AD-Interio Dehradun


Being costly it is used only in residential building as it add to beauty and grandeur. They can be given various finishes and can be painted too. They are durable and long lasting as well. Gypsum & Plaster board based false ceiling are used in most office and commercial interiors as they are faster to construct, lightweight, fire resistance, soft and heat insulated, while in case of residential spaces there is a greater freedom to choose the material.


For your bathroom, if you are having no windows and want to give completely aqua touch you can go for glass false ceiling. Gypsum false ceiling is a cheaper solution for rooms with the help of aluminium framing and you can install LED Panel lights for luxurious looks.


False Ceiling will attract children’s attention as it is very appealing and fascinating to kids. Because it contains the pattern liked by kids.

Though having a false ceiling may appear as a slightly expensive proposition at first but it’s distinct functional as well as aesthetic advantages make it worth the money.

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