Hello there! So 2019 is here, and we are stepping up our furnishing game starting from level one. As we know the complete look for a perfect interior starts from good wholesome furniture. For example, if you make a visit to one of your friend’s place who owns an exotic penthouse in a plush location. You will be mesmerized with fancy construction, outrageous false ceiling design, sparkling flooring etc. but will it be the same if furniture is not complementing the interior? NO. Furniture takes 70% of involvement when it comes to interior designs. In short “Poor furniture equals the mediocre interior”.

Your Living area plays a vital role to create a first impression. Therefore you have to make sure that it’s on target! Speaking of which Customized Coffee tables are hitting 2019 with ambient furnishing styles. Take a look at some of them.

Double layered coffee table solves all the purpose. It is a smart storage unit with a fascinating appearance. Tables of such kind are the first choice if our clients are looking for multipurpose side furniture which is easy to blend in.

Matte black finish classic center table. Perfect fit for any kind of interior. Faint polish on the furniture really brings out the gloss.

Wooden coffee table (Plank Style) are vintage inspired furniture designed specifically to enhance the wooden interior. This design works well with any kind of interior that requires a rustic element.


Author: Monika Chawla

Senior Interior Designer at AD-Interio, Dehradun

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